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Join our Virtual Choir Project

"Singing - like laughter, play, sunshine, countryside and exercise - helps underpin and maintain our well-being and happiness."

Sally Garozzo

We maybe on lockdown but we can still sing! So join in the BIG MUSIC COMPANY Virtual Choir Project. As we work together to launch a few songs onto the interweb. Lets connect in other ways!

We will have a few fabulous song over the next few weeks for you to learn then send us your audio clips and videos recordings and be featured in our lockdown choir videos. Our Christmas song is...



Choir members amended the lyrics and have created a fun and super special and relevant pandemic version!

To be part of our virtual performance Here's what you need to do....

1. What you will need...

You will need 2 devices + headphones

1. One device to play the track + headphones

(Any of the following)

  • Computer

  • Phone

  • Tablet


2. One device to record yourself

(Any of the following)

  • Computer

  • Phone

  • Tablet

2. Learn the song

▪️Have a listen through the YouTube recordings (below), review your part a few times before you record.

3. Record your vocals

▪️You will need to 2 devices one to play the track (Playback device) one to record your voice (Recording device).

▪️These videos are for your voice only and will not be used in the final performance. We will do the Top of the Pops video recording afterwards.

1. Click on the link to view Youtube video instructions for the part you want to record. Feel free to pick to sing the melody if that where you feel most comfortable

Soprano /High part:

Alto /Melody: 

Tenor / Low part:

Solo part (With Guide Vocals): 


Solo Part (Instrumental):

4. Review your recorded video and if you are happy submit to me.

4. What happens next?

Please send your recordings in by


I will update with the next part of the process on Wednesday 25th November 2020 😁🎶😁.

Let's make music together 

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